A New Energy.

There is a story about how we came up with the name. Bee wanted to create a beautiful salon and spa with a difference. But more than anything, she wanted to create an oasis for her clients. A place where they could step in and immediately feel all their stress and troubles melt away. A place where one would feel refreshed, rejuvenated and full of new energy.

Chi means energy and you need the perfect techniques and massage that will redirect the positive energy flow back into your body. In this tranquil atmosphere you will slowly begin to feel completely transformed, completely at peace.

This incredibly peaceful salon & spa offers a wide range of spa packages and services which are designed to nurture and sooth not just the body but also the spirit. Our relaxing massages delivered by a team of licensed therapists and best masseuses offer amazing results for all.

Some of our spa services include:

  • Spa facial treatments by our trained estheticians
  • Swedish massage offered by licensed masseuse
  • Hot stone massage
  • Four handed massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage

Our focus is not just beauty but to offer holistic massaging therapy. Our certified masseuse offers therapeutic relief. Don’t let the pain and stress take away the joys of life. Let us bring back the positive energy flow back in your body.